Speedometer Glass Front Glass + Sticker Chevrolet C10 1966 100 Mph to 160 Kmh with Tachometer

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Plexy glass scale
It is 1 high quality, lasered disc.
1 x dial acrylic glass
all scales and numbers are printed on the disc (no foil)

The disc / s are completely finished punched out and thus ready for installation.
Our speedometer discs are replaced with the original speedometer discs.

This speedometer disc has been rescaled from an original MPH speedometer dial to Km / h.
This guarantees a precise indication of the speedometer in km / h.
Please check the scaling of your speedometer disc,
with the speedometer disc (s) pictured above
We take this as a template. Only then is fitting accuracy guaranteed.

These are high quality stickers,
in which all scales, numbers and symbols are printed on the foil.
Absolutely colorfast, no blur.
The stickers are simply glued to the original panes (self-adhesive)

Our stickers are very thick and absolutely opaque,
what a professional sticking allows.
These stickers were made from original speedometer discs.
This guarantees a very good fit.

Please check the scaling of your original speedometer disc (s),
with the speedometer disc (s) pictured above
Only then will accuracy be guaranteed.

 (Spray bottle ca.0,5L water necessarily only 1 drop of detergent)
We recommend the sticker to moisten a little with the mixed liquid.
caution!! not on or in the speedometer just spray on the sticker!
Apply the sticker at two points.
Using a soft cloth, wipe the water to the sides.
We recommend using a hair dryer on a lukewarm level.

Since we sometimes get only the disc / s, and not the whole speedometer from the customer,
you will not receive installation instructions from us!
If your original speedometer disc is not shown, we need the templates.
We need all original discs (speedometer temp tank, etc.) as a template.
!!!!!!! Danger !!!!!! Only the discs do not send the whole speedometer !!!!!!!!!!!!
If it is MPH speedometer, we will rescale them to Kmh and you will get the new discs in Kmh.
The easiest way is to send us the slices by mail.
See address below in the imprint
Or you can scan the original discs and send them to us by e-mail.
Scan your disk / s, using Adobe Photoshop or the free program i_view32
When removing the discs, see if the speedometer,
has extra strips with symbols or heating discs that should be scanned with the same,
Should your speedometer disc be too big for your scanner,
then scan the disc once from the left and once from the right.
We build the disk on the computer, together again.
Please scan everything at 300 DPI and then save as JEPG (Save as PSD with Photoshop).
In the settings do not change anything (i_view32). That's necessary so we get the original size.
For other programs, the size is displayed incorrectly.

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