Temp Display Mercedes SL R107 W107 Degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit °C or °F

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Look at the pictures above the originals speedometer disc / s, we use these as a template.
(See picture Original Speedometer Disc)
Pay attention to the arrangement of the
Scaling, on the Numbers Design, on the Symbols, on the Color etc.
If your Speedometer Disc is a trifle different, such as the Pictured Original Speedometer Disc / s,
then you have a different Model with high probability
and this Disc is not suitable for your Speedometer.
If you are not sure, send us a Photo of your Speedometer + Model, Model Name, Year of Manufacture.
Variant - Sticker
These are high Quality Stickers,
in which all Scales, Numbers and Symbols are Printed on the Foil.
Absolutely Colorfast, no Blur.
The Stickers are simply glued to the Original Disc (s) (self-adhesive)

Our stickers are very thick and absolutely opaque,
what a professional sticking allows.
These stickers were made from original speedometer disc (s).
This guarantees a very good fit.

Spray Bottle ca.0,5L water necessarily only 1 drop of detergent
We recommend the Sticker to moisten a little with the mixed liquid.
Caution!! not on or in the Speedometer just Spray on the Sticker!
Apply the Sticker at two points.
Using a soft cloth, wipe the Water to the Sides.
We recommend using a hair dryer on a lukewarm Level.
Variant - Plastic.
This approximately 1.6 mm thick flat Plastic sheet will / will be
very elaborate, Printed directly with UV resistant inks. (no foil)
The surface corresponds to the Original Disc (Silk Matt).
The Disc / s are dimensionally stable and heat Resistant.
The Disc / s are completely finished punched out and thus ready for Installation.
Our Disc (s) will be replaced with the Original Disc (s).

Variant Aluminium.
This approx. 0.8 mm thick curved aluminum disc is manufactured in a very expensive way.
It is laser cut, painted and directly printed with several layers (no foil)
Then the slice bowl is formed.
The disc / s are completely finished punched out and thus ready for installation.
Our disc (s) will be replaced with the original disc (s).

When replacing the Disc (s), the Speedometer must be opened and the Pointer (s) removed.
We recommend to have this done in a Specialist Workshop.
We are not liable for damages incurred!

This disc / s has been rescaled from an Original Mph Speedometer Disk / s to Kmh.
This guarantees a precise Display of the Speedometer in Kmh.
Since we only get the Speedometer / s and not the complete Speedo from our Customers,

you will not receive Installation Instructions from us!
General information:
A possibly shown /// AMG, BMW M logo, Porsche, or another logo or lettering,
is an original logo or logo of the respective company and is subject to copyright.
That it is not incorporated into the disc and is not part of this offer.
We do not print or use any copyrighted trademarks and logos.
All designs, pictures, descriptions, instructions etc.
are copyrighted and may not be used without our personal permission.
Any infringement of copyright will be immediately displayed without warning.
Special Production:
Almost every item in our shop has the same options.
If you order a different design, logo, lettering, color of the disc, color of the numbers of the original disc / s when buying an item,
this is an individual production and can not be returned or exchanged.
If you change the standard numbers / scales color / s when buying an item, you do so at your own risk.
We are not liable for bad or no function. We always recommend colored fluoroscopy,
the conversion to original colored lighting or neutral white lighting.
Original speedometer discs are used and excluded from exchange.

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