Temp Display Mercedes SL R107 W107 Degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit °C or °F

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Shipping time: 7 - 14 workdays

This approximately 0.8 mm thick bent aluminum disc is produced with the greatest complexity.
It is laser cut, varnished and printed with several layers directly (no foil)
Then, the disk bowl is formed.
The disc (s) are fully finished and therefore ready for assembly.
Our discs are exchanged for the original disc (s).
When replacing the disc (s), the hands must be removed,
We recommend to have it done in a specialist workshop.
Since we get only the disc / n, and not the whole speedometer from the customer,
You will not receive any installation instructions from us!
Conversion of your outdoor Temperature Display R / C 107
from ° F to ° C
from ° C to ° F
- swap the dial
  - coloring the pointer

The price includes the required parts and the return shipment.
Please wait for further instructions after purchasing.

Do not send the instrument to us, you will get another address,
We expressly point out that this is only a mediation.
We assume no liability for alterations or consequential damages.
If your original speedometer disc is not shown, we need the templates.
We need all original discs (speedometer temp tank, etc.) as a template.
!!!!!!! Danger !!!!!! Only the discs do not send the whole speedometer !!!!!!!!!!!!
If it is MPH speedometer, we will rescale them to Kmh and you will get the new discs in Kmh.
The easiest way is to send us the slices by mail.
See address below in the imprint
Or you can scan the original discs and send them to us by e-mail.
Scan your disk / s, using Adobe Photoshop or the free program i_view32
When removing the discs, see if the speedometer,
has extra strips with symbols or heating discs that should be scanned with the same,
Should your speedometer disc be too big for your scanner,
then scan the disc once from the left and once from the right.
We build the disk on the computer, together again.
Please scan everything at 300 DPI and then save as JEPG (Save as PSD with Photoshop).
In the settings do not change anything (i_view32). That's necessary so we get the original size.
For other programs, the size is displayed incorrectly.

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