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What we offer

Tired of your old speedometer look?

We offer high quality redesigns for nearly all speedometers at a fair pricing.

The invention of a new scaling of the old pane is certainly also no problem for us - if you have any questions, please contact us using our contact form. We are happy to help!

From MpH to Km/H or vice versa? We scale the unit of measurement in any direction!

Have you already reached the "end of the speedometer"?

Not with our scale extension - we will put "more power" on the scene!

Customization down to the smallest detail

Our speedometer dials set new standards!

Exactly fitting and true to the original.

Our speedometer dials are created in elaborate detailed work and printed directly in several layers, always using the manufacturer's original speedometer dial as the basis.

Delivered ready for installation.

Since the panes are opaque, only the numbers shine and the scales are backlit - like the original! They are completely punched out, so they are ready for installation and can be exchanged for the original panes. When replacing the speedometer disc, the speedometer must be opened and the pointer and the previous disc removed.

Unsure about type matching?

If your speedometer disc is a little different than the original speedometer disc shown, then it is very likely that you have a different model. Simply send us a picture when placing your order for further clarification - we will be happy to help. Doesn't work, doesn't exist!